1. The Rugby Speed Camps RAMP Protocol

RAMP stands for Range of motion, Activation and Movement Preparation.

Be prepared to change the way you think about warming up.

We use this time to address common muscular mobility weaknesses, activate the core and prepare the athlete for the rigours of rugby with three dimensional movements. We use games such as ‘traffic light lunge’ and ‘get to the other side’ and integrate sprinting mechanics to ensure that the athletes are fully engaged in the warm ups and not just mindlessly running laps and stretching.

The players will be introduced to rugby ball self massage which helps to gently remove any knots and scar tissue in the muscles from previous knocks, bruises and strains received during training sessions/matches.  It works by freeing up the muscle fibres so that they can be realigned and the result is a more forceful muscle contraction.

The RAMP Protocol is regarded as the most effective way of getting ready for sporting performance by the world’s top strength and conditioning coaches.