2. Speed, Power, Agility, Reactions, Quickness (SPARQ) Testing

We test the athletes at the start and end of every camp. This gives us a baseline to show us what we are working with at the start of the camp, motivates the players to learn and concentrate throughout the camp and gives both the players and parents proof that the Rugby Speed Camp techniques work at the end of the camp.


The tests, general speed and agility techniques and specific rugby speed and agility drills and conditioned games are all interrelated which also leads to improvements on the rugby field.


In one camp, players improved in 99/100 tests. That means that only one player in one test out of five didn’t beat his initial time (and that was due to an injury).


In the 40 yard sprint, players on a previous camp improved by an average of 0.8 seconds and overall, in the last five years,  the camp has an average improvement of 0.27 secs. 1/4 of a second improvement is equivalent to being a yard and a half quicker over 40yrds (based on a 6 sec 40 yrd time).


This one and a half yards is the difference between a player getting tackled and evading the covering full back to score. These improvements become even more impressive when you realise that they happen even after a week of hard work.


Just think what would happen if they re-tested after a couple of days rest?


We have similar statistics for all the other tests undertaken.