3. Preparation for Agility

rsc8This is the missing link in most speed and agility training programmes.


Most coaches skip this stage in get straight into the ‘fun stuff’ of cone runs and evasion games but what you do before you side step or make a tackle can set you up for success or failure……………..It all depends upon your footwork and body position in relation to your centre of mass (we make this fun too). Get this wrong and you will always be a shirt grabber in defence and will never make a break in attack.

On the camp, you will show the players the ‘Rugby Ready’ position that will enable them to be ready for anything the game can throw at them. Their positioning will be tested with games such as ‘king of the ring’ and ‘extreme dodgeball’.

They will also learn how to effectively get into the position to be agile by ‘playing in the tunnel’. This ensures that all the muscles of the body are switched on and in a position to side step or tackle explosively. Preparation for agility is the foundation for success, both in attack, and defence.