6. Maximum Speed Progressions

After acceleration comes the ability to maintain maximum speed. It is the player that can maintain top speed the longest and slow down the slowest that will win the race to the corner. This ability comes from having an efficient sprinting action. The arm action is often the element of sprinting technique that lets most players down. That is why we incorporate arm action drills into every warm up at the camp.


Again, we will perform an experiment to see the players current maximum speed by performing ‘the flying 30’ Each player will then go through a series of ‘A’ drills with or without arm action depending upon the players co-ordination.
There is a progression from simple to complex that we follow with the player only progressing if they can shown perfect technique in the previous drill. They will then repeat the experiment to show how much quicker they are over 30m. We simulate a chase to the line in order to apply their sprinting technique to a rugby scenario with the game ‘catch me if you can’.