8. The Super 6 Strength Training Progressions

For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction – Newton’s 3rd law of motion

When you put your foot on the ground, the ground pushes back in the opposite direction with an equal amount of force.

Therefore, the harder you drive your foot down into the ground the faster you will go. In order to drive down hard, you need to be strong, the stronger you are the faster you will go.

Trying to improve speed without using strength training just won’t work.

Strength is the vital ingredient for developing game breaking Speed. There is no better way to improve strength than weight training. However, as children have a general lack of strength, a sufficient and safe load can be applied to them through a well designed body weight circuit.

The ‘Super 6’ are the six functional movements the human body can perform. By covering all six, you know that you are performing a balanced, whole body workout. They are squat, lunge, pull, push, band and twist.

The players will be shown how to perform each movement and will be exposed to exercises that progress from simple to complex to ensure that they are working at an appropriate level for their strength.

The players will learn how to perform each movement but most importantly they will learn why the described technique is important ie why elbows out in line with the shoulders, when performing a press up, is going to lead to injury. It is amazing how many children cannot perform a press up or squat properly!!

These exercises will be further reinforced through taking part in engaging competitions like ‘walk the plank’ and ‘squat push’ that are worth team points (see below).  They will build up a personalised strength training circuit throughout the week that will culminate in them performing the whole circuit on the final day. The players will also be given a copy of the programme to use once the camp has finished.