About the Camp

Just because a player is not naturally fast doesn’t mean that they can do nothing about it. 


Most children have never been taught how to run fast, side step and react.


Genetically, everybody has a ceiling to how quick they can be, but huge performance improvements can still be made by:

1) Teaching your child the mechanics of efficient speed, agility and all of the components in a progressive and logical manner; and

2) Ensuring that their training programme includes all five biomotor skills (speed, strength, stamina, flexibility/mobility, co-ordination).


The five biomotor skills are all inter related and so for instance, improving co-ordination will also improve speed and strength and vice versa (a more efficient neural network will enable you to recruit more muscle fibers to help you express more force).


It is important that your son is exposed to all biomotor skills in a well structured fitness training programme so that his athletic ability is maximized……..

Are you confident that this is happening at the moment?

That is not to say that there is no place in a training session for rugby skills and games.


In fact these are at the heart of every Rugby Speed Camp training session as they provide the reinforcement for why the biomotor skills are needed in the first place……… without strength and being able to apply that strength, your son will not be able to bust a tackle…….without coordination, your son will not be able to catch, throw a dummy and side step around the defender to score a try………..

Being involved in these situations is what your son loves to do.


Will he be able conquer the tunnel of doom by using the mind boggling agility techniques he will be taught?


Will he be able to use his new powerful acceleration techniques to drive over the try line when playing the game ‘hospital pass’?


Can he out sprint the fullback using the proven sprinting techniques used by Olympic sprint coaches?


Plus many more competitive situations designed to improve and test his speed and agility.


We will teach your son how to apply these skills and then he will be given the opportunity to try it out on the pitch.


We will ensure that your son is actively involved in the learning process to improve the retention of skills.


He will learn both how to apply force and why he needs to do it with the correct technique. Therefore, learning will be obvious and permanent……. We encourage players to ask questions to find out why as this leads to a deeper understanding.


Mindlessly copying does not lead to permanent improvements.


The result of this balanced biomotor programme is that your son will be transformed from a rugby player into a rugby athlete with an overall athletic ability…….


Gone are the days of the pop bellied prop and the scrawny winger.


To play the game at the highest level now requires a huge amount of strength, speed, stamina, flexibility and co-ordination.


Rugby positions are merging into one.


Give your son the best chance to get ahead of the competition!