Who is a Rugby Speed Camp for?

Any child that is 9-15 years of age (some camps may cater for different age groups)

The years prior and during the growth spurt are critical for developing speed and agility.

This is when the neuro-muscular system is most plastic.

Plasticity refers to the brains ability to reorganize, change and adapt.

It is probable that the best rugby players have a super fast side step and acceleration because they were regularly exposed to situations that demanded high levels of speed and agility when they were a child.

Due to the brain being open to change when this stimulus occurred, their body started on the journey to what you see today. That is not to say that improvements cannot be made beyond this point……….

It is just much harder.

Your child will be open to critical periods of physical and skill development between the ages of 9 and 15. If he does not receive the appropriate training stimulus at this age (speed, agility training etc), he will never reach his full potential, regardless of remedial programs that he may participate in after this age (Long Term Athlete Development model).

Therefore, at Rugby Speed Camps (RSC) we are targeting the group of children that will benefit the most.

If your son is 9-15 years of age on the camp start date……… get ready to receive the key to explosive speed and agility!


Any child that is motivated to get to the next level

It might be that your child is sick of sitting on the bench and you want them to get a regular place in his club team……They want the service area coaches to notice them…….. They want to help their club side compete for trophies this year or they just wants to score more tries.

Whatever your child’s target in rugby, as long as they are motivated, RSC’s can help them to achieve it.


Any child no matter what position they play


RSC believes that children should not be pigeon holed into set positions as this leads to an unbalanced level of skill and fitness that doesn’t lend itself to the modern game.

Every child can improve with the RSC system.


Any parent that wants to help develop their child into a rugby athlete 


RSC’s is not a child minding service where your child will perform the same drills they have done hundreds of times before with the same results.

In addition to the high quality, innovative coaching your child will receive over the week of the camp, RSCs is committed to the long term rugby athlete development of your child.
You will have the option to purchase a training plan which will inform you how this can be achieved after the camp has finished…… We will empower you with the tools to transform your child’s game.


Any child that has some rugby playing ability


This is not a camp for children who have never played the sport. Your child needs to have at least a basic understanding and ability to perform the core skills of pass, catch, run and tackle.
However, they do not have to be consistent in their performance of these skills.

If your child regularly falls off tackles, drops the ball under no pressure and finds himself out of position but can tell you what he should have done… they are in.

It is likely that they have not found the consistency yet because they are not getting their body in the right position to perform the skills (their neural network is not yet complete).


Do you feel like your child’s performances do not reflect the hard work they put into training and games week in, week out?


Improving their speed and agility will give them a new found ability to perform these skills with ease as they are the foundation to any skill….. Let RSC’s show them how.


Only a limited number of players will be accepted on the camp


We insist on a quality, personalised service!

In order for us to provide your child with the attention he needs and deserves, we need to keep the ratio of coach to players down.


Therefore, there will be a limited number of players accepted on each camp.


Keeping the ratio down will mean that after just day one of the camp (probably sooner), the coaching staff will have a good knowledge of your child’s strengths and weaknesses. This will inform their coaching throughout the rest of the camp.


You can rest assured that your child will be given an individualized experience….. There is no one size fits all approach here!


Any child, boy or girl.


RSCs can be attended by boys and girls. The principles are exactly the same. The female game is becoming very popular and RSCs look forward to helping the rugby athlete development of both girls and boys.


Rugby League and Rugby Union Players
All of the principles taught will be based on the core skills involved in both codes.


Want to know how to get quick, fast?