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IMG_0409Rugby Speed camps are looking for qualified and experienced coaches to run camps in all areas of the country. Camps are suited towards both codes of rugby.


You will be given access to Rugby Speed Camp’s secrets to speed and agility training for 9-15 year old’s. These methods and techniques have been proven to work over the last six years and led to the professional rugby league team, St.Helens RFC, to choose Rugby Speed Camps as their provider for speed and agility training for junior rugby players in the town.


Along with all the progressions, plans and techniques needed to teach speed and agility training, we will give you all the necessary resources and guidance to help you market and run your very own Rugby Speed Camp.


“I was always keen to do a speed and agility camp for rugby but I am very glad I became a Rugby Speed Camps franchisee as there was a lot I hadn’t considered in the past and the success previously achieved by Rugby Speed Camps definitely encouraged sign ups – Rugby Speed Camps is proven.”


“The resources were superb and timely. I thought the advice and materials were perfect – especially for a first timer! Stuart was always on hand if I had any questions.”

 (Phil Arkle, Helsby Rugby Speed Camp Head Coach)


To ensure quality support and service to camp coaches and attendees, we are looking to only add a maximum of five camps this year. Once signed up, you will have exclusivity to your area.


If you are interested in running your own Rugby Speed Camp and becoming your towns ‘go to’ expert in all aspects of speed and agility training for rugby, and would like to receive:
1. Details on all the resources and support you will need to run a successful camp.
2. A payment plan that shows you how easy it is to earn over £1000 in one camp.
3. An outline of all the speed and agility skills and techniques that are coached in a a Rugby Speed Camp.
4. A list of frequently asked questions and answers that will tell you how easy it is to set up and run a camp.

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