Here is what people have said about their experience of Rugby Speed Camps:

Jon Wilkin – St.Helens RLFC Captain & England player

“Speed is an essential part of performance as an elite athlete but only a lucky few are blessed with natural speed!!”


“Fortunately Rugby Speed Camps can teach drills and techniques to improve speed specific to rugby that might just give you the edge over your opponents. Its enjoyable and it could make the difference for you.”

Jon Wilkin, St.Helens & England Rugby League Player


Parents Testimonials

“Michael now has more confidence in sprinting. He had a chance to prove the new running technique during his rugby training on Wednesday night and other parents had noticed his new techniques to.”


 “I would recommend to any child that would like to improve their fitness/rugby techniques to attend one of these camps.   Even as early as day three I could see a definite improvement in Michael and I thought he was very fit for his age. Michael has said how he now finds running easier now the correct techniques have been shown.”

“The Rugby Speed Camp is the most professionally organised camp that Jack has attended and he has been to camps organised by super leaugue clubs.”


“The camp was well structured, good feedback was given about his technique, he has learned a lot and worked hard whilst having fun.”


 “The children always had a smile on their faces both at the beginning and end of the session. Ryan really enjoyed himself and said that he felt he had learned a lot that would definitely help him on the rugby field and off it. He also said he felt a lot fitter.”


” We have been extremely impressed with the camp. It comes across as very professional, ran on time, even for the security for the kids being picked up. We was very grateful for the nightly emails which made very interesting reading. Thank you for making his experience enjoyable. He loved it!”


“Michael thoroughly enjoyed the speed camp. He has come home after each session enthused and looking forward to the next session.”


Players Testimonials

“It has given me techniques that I never knew existed and has helped me with my positioning in the tackle and side stepping.”


“All the tasks were made to be fun so that it was always enjoyable. I really liked the coaches v’s kids challenges .”


“It was a great camp, I really enjoyed it!”


“I really enjoyed the camp and feel like it has improved my agility.”